Most like myself | The Blog Dare Day 12

This post is part of The Blog Dare the sense that it's part of me writing every day. However, this prompt is from The Brave Girls Club Soul Care Summer. Their rules: One sentence, one minute, one paragraph, no more, no less, no editing. Go.

{PROMPT} What made me feel most like myself today?

I saw Before Midnight. I left the movie feeling exactly the same way I did when I left the previous two; which is to say, as though I'd been punched in the gut. They are so raw and the rough edges are shockingly beautiful. All three films take my breath away. I felt most like myself in that theatre because those movies emotionally transport me to a time that I was actually most authentically myself, and most authentically loved for it. It's the happiest and the saddest I've ever been. The gut punch is a complex cocktail of feelings. God, I still miss him.

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