I'm painting now. Because why not? | The Blog Dare Day 2

{PROMPT} They try to make it sound...

....as though you need to have it all together before you can begin. You need to conduct your research, prepare your data, be ready for every contingency. You must somehow become an expert and then you can share what needs to be shared.

And by "they" I mean the voice in my head.

This past weekend, I told that perfectionist to take a hike. I painted. I painted for the first time ever. I mean, minus water colors in pre-school and perhaps a project in a junior high art class that I've long since forgotten. I completely lost myself and hours later I realized I was pretty damn happy.

I'm painting. I'm painting! I paint! I'm a painter. Isn't this a breakthrough? I'm a painter. I paint now. With paint, in the sunlight, way far away from the perfectionist in my head? I painted. That happened.

So this is happening today. I'm not even sure what "this" is because I've never done it before, but here we go... #painting

Eeeek! First time ever touching paint to canvas. Turns out I'm really happy right now.

hashtag my happiness project #painting

randomness in progress. no idea what I'm doing. other than having fun. #painting

abundance is one of the power words I chose for my happiness project. #painting  #firstever #yay

My Declaration: Enthusiasm

The Blog Dare begins...