I'm going to second base with my blog | The Blog Dare Day 27

I think my relationship with The Blog Dare has evolved already. It's been just about one month since I accepted the challenge to blog every day. Some days were more meaningful than others, but the cumulative effect is that of a new habit. Not only a new habit, actually, but a commitment that reaches  beyond simply going through the motions.

When I kicked off this whole adventure on 03 June, I wrote:

I'm practicing and practicing because even the things we love to do take some doing and it's not going to do it itself. I will stop telling you how much I love blogging only to contradict my passion with a once every not so often post sandwiched between business trips and deadlines and commitments and look at that, Passion, it's been months.

The doing, as it were, has built up to a physical shift in my energy. I'm feeling it morph into something even better than responding to the daily prompts that catalyzed it. The analytics on this site are exciting and my fledgling Facebook page gained about 20 followers since I started. That's rad. When I attended Alt for Everyone at the end of May, I was struck by four primary conclusions. One of those conclusions was to create an editorial calendar for this site. Through The Blog Dare, even just one month of it, I proved to myself that writing does matter to me and the creative outlet of this blog is something I want to prioritize. With that settled, we will now evolve into an even more substantial relationship, my blog and I. Like at least second base or something.

Initial ideas for an editorial schedule: Instagram roundup of my favorite photos I've posted that week/month, Link-laden posts sharing all the random bits of internet I'm consuming, more scheduled posts about the goals and activities of My Happiness Project, updates on creative collaborations (such as The Declaration of You book tour and the forthcoming awesomeness with Alexander), globetrotting updates and/or memorable travel flashbacks, and perhaps interviews and/or guest posts. We'll see what happens when I sit down to really hash it out.

courtesy of the uber talented Jessica Swift

Stay tuned! It's going to get progressively more awesome around here.

Love you lots,

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