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I'm enrolled in an online photography course this summer. It's called Candela and it's taught by Laura Valenti Jelen, a professional photographer based in Portland, Oregon. The cool thing about this class is that it's not about shutter speed and choosing the right lenses, it's about reconnecting with yourself as a photographer. It's about "finding the creative spark within..." in Laura's words. She's created a really beautiful course, full of essays and videos, podcasts and discussion boards; it's all really well done. Our most recent lesson was about slowing down, seeing beauty in the mundane of every day, and chasing light in your own home as it changes throughout the day. As she set it up for us in the course: "By viewing your environment with fresh eyes, you can find creativity in the smallest things. Your assignment is to make some photographs of the things you love in your immediate vicinity." Simple enough. In other words...once the flea market and brunch and grocery shopping were behind me, this was the perfect Sunday afternoon.


In a previous lesson we discussed all the different cameras we own and committed to one for the remainder of the course (with an explanation as to why). I'm reintroducing myself to my Nikon D90. I've been shooting exclusively with my iPhone for at least a year and half at this point (and I'll still Instagram photos with my phone every day, but for this class I'll use the D90). It was very interesting to watch my muscle memory twitch as I held the heavy camera's viewfinder to my eye and didn't tap a screen or edit a single thing. That was the other piece of the exercise that I assigned tomyself: No editing. None. Not allowed. Let the light do what it wants to do and move on.


Some people would say life is only interesting when it's dramatic and rapid fire. Today was a lesson in slowing down. I sat on my kitchen table for 45 minutes watching sunlight bounce around through between inside on top of vintage canning jars. It was the most valuable lesson in photography, and life, I've had in a long time.




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