Breaking the Rules | The Blog Dare Day 17

{PROMPT} I'm actually ignoring the prompt given for today because I want to post about...

...the online photography course I'm taking. I wrote about the class in an earlier post, and the good news is she opened a new session. It starts July 31. You can enroll right here. When you register (you will because she's an amazing teacher and because it's awesome), if you wouldn't mind mentioning that you heard about it from your's truly, Gail Jessen, I'd appreciate it. Laura is offering a travel photography class this fall that would be so completely perfect for me. I get a bit of a discount on that course when my friends enroll in Candela.

Okay, enough sales pitching. I want to share some photos that came out of a recent lesson. If you read my earlier post about Candela, you'll remember that it's not a photography skills course. It's a course about reconnecting with your creative intuition. It's actually about unlearning all the rules we've had drilled into us as photographers. This assignment was to specifically break the rules. Here you go...








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