All true stories | The Blog Dare Day 3

{PROMPT} I lived...

In an attic apartment with a roof so short and slanted my boyfriend had to sit to pee and he hit his head on the ceiling fan no less than 83 times.

In an apartment with a mysterious hole in the linen closet that eventually started spewing baby rats.

In a house in Mission Viejo, California with a gorgeous pool in the backyard and a neighbor who frequently watched Top Gun at full volume with their front door open.

In an four-plex built over an old pioneer / sister wife graveyard. 

In a co-ed freshman dorm with a douche named Trigger, a lech who offered to pay me in meal points for sex, and a roommate with a Japan-shaped birthmark on her cheek whose last words to me were, "Enjoy your sad, weird life."

In an apartment with one parking spot for five roommates. Do the math. Get home first. 

In a duplex with a roommate who attempted suicide in my bedroom. 

In Yakima, Washington, but I don't remember it. 

In a picturesque 1901 cottage with a circular red front door. 

In a second-story apartment that had stairs so narrow we moved in through a door on a fire escape patio thing that opened to the backyard. 

In a house in Orem, Utah at the tippy top of a cul-de-sac where we played foursquare in the street until the wee hours of warm summer nights. 

In a condo with walls painted to match my wanderlust: Grand Canal, Gold Coast, and Bordeaux Rouge.

In an on-campus apartment suite with a cutter roommate who did nothing but play Sims online and chase diet pills with vodka. 

In an apartment with a slum landlord who let the leak in my bathroom get so bad my toilet fell through the floor. He kept my cleaning deposit when I left two days later.

Home Sweet Home. Right here...right now.

My hood.
downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.


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