Pop-up Shop(ping)


Craft Lake City sponsored an adorable little pop-up shop a couple weeks ago. There were a handful of local artists and DIY craft vendors in a space no bigger than a living room. It was cramped and cute and flooded with sunlight and smelled like waffles.

S to the L to the C. Or something. No one actually says that. 

Excuse me, I moustache you a question...how many waffles is too many waffles for a Saturday morning?


No idea what you'd do with them, but they sure are cute.

I wasn't sure what I'd find at this tiny market, but I did acquire a few treasures (no surprise there). I discovered Darlybird and learned she is opening a store front in an old pioneer house in Provo, Utah. I feel comforted knowing I have such cute jewelry options within 45 miles of my SLC home. A south-bound field trip is in my future.

Darlybird. Seriously, I could've walked out of there with every pair.

A bit fuzzy on the focus, but the awesomeness is still evident. 

My favorite find of the day was Michelle Christensen's shop my little bellville. She is an illustrator who grew up in China as the daughter of a diplomat. You can definitely see the Asian influences in her work. I find it really whimsical and delicate.

Check her out on etsy!

The artiste herself.

my little bellville illustrations. 

I decided on a sweet boy/girl plate set. 

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