Flea Fabulousness @ Vintage Whites Market

I'm behind on life. Like, far behind. Every year, like clockwork, March and April are the peak of chaos and stress at work. It's all I can do to just hang on and get through to the next day. May always has a bit of residual madness, but soon life will go back to being just very busy instead of incomprehensibly busy. 

Blahblahblah, all of that to say I've wanted to blog photos of the Vintage Whites Market since I went in March, but I haven't had a spare five minutes since then. Pics may have posted instantly on Instagram, but stuff doesn't feel wrapped up until it's blogged. Better late than never. 


They held the market in the Grand Building at the Utah State Fair Grounds. I think I maybe have been there once before, possibly. At any rate, I've never seen it all decked out like this. It was beautiful and girly and antiqued to the max. 

Bunting for days. Also, I have a chandelier fetish.

It was adorable booth after adorable booth. I mean, seriously. The cuteness. 

A Pinterest wet dream: #globe #tufting #typewriter #distressedtable #yellow

Those little golden spines bring back so many memories. 

Don't sew, or do whatever you do with yarn, but still played with it forever. Gorgeous colors.

Awash with light. Can I just move into this booth?

I have a weakness for handmade soap. I've never found any that compares to Timber Mountain Soap Co. in Idaho.

Who doesn't love granny glass?

Oh, meta trends: Instagraming a photo booth hipster moustache profile photo at a vintage flea market.
Hashtag cliche.

Two of my fave finds: metallic jewel-toned globe and complete set of 1963 Golden Book Encyclopedias.

Final thought, people do this for a living. They do this. This happens. It's a thing. So while I was grinding away 60 hour weeks for the past couple months, without five minutes to blog, there were people who made a living thrifting and exploring dusty treasures. This is cause to re-evaluate my entire life. I'm not kidding. How rad would that be?

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