Beehive Bazaar. So. Many. Crafts.

So Beehive Bazaar has happened for nine years now, but apparently I'm the last idiot standing who just now tuned in. I've been living in a cave, clearly, because this DIY craft fair is super awesome and so my thing. I traveled south yesterday to check it out, not sure what to expect. Good thing I brought my AMEX, that's all I'm sayin'.

May 09-11 and 12-18. Get thee to Provo.

Oh case you forgot where you are. 

A mini gallery and a very cute vendor booth.

Jesus, is that you? Oh, wait. What? Just another hipster? Okay then. 

The staging of this vendor's booth is so perfect. Her watercolors are so delicate. Just lovely. 

Seeing how vendors decorate their booth is actually as fun as shopping in them!

I've always wanted to try my hand at a terrarium, but they intimidate me.

Cavalcade jewelry may be one of the reasons my wallet got a workout.

...truer than true.

How cheeky and adorable is that?

Thanks for being so *dang* crafty, Utah. mwah...xo

In case you missed it this past weekend, Beehive Bazaar continues for two more days. Get to Provo on May 17th and/or 18th. Be prepared to drop a few dollars, this fair isn't messing around.

Alt for Everyone: Swagtastic.

Happiness Project brunch, no.4