Alt Summit: Location. Location. Location.


Yesterday I mused that Alt for Everyone's "entirely online format is a great way for me to get my feet wet. The mythical magical far away someday Alt Summit feels considerably more manageable in my yoga pants on the couch." I was right. And cozy.

I could only participate in one class today, but it definitely got the ball rolling. My introduction to the summit was "Organized Online" taught by Liz Stanley of Say Yes to Hoboken. It was a validation that my OCD is indeed a superpower, and it was an eyeopener as to the business side of blogging full-time. I'm excited for the next two days and eight more events.

Oh, in answer to the question of how many Apple products it takes to attend a webinar, apparently four (if you include the phone used to snap this pic). Hashtag multitask the media.

Alright, Alt. You and me. Same couch. Same yoga pants. Mañana.

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