Alt Summit: Creative Overload

Whew. That was amazing. My brain is full of creative juices and they're flowing like crazy. I decided to switch venues from my Friday roost and spent all day Sarturday attending classes online and watching the world go by out my front window. I was also closer to the string cheese this way. 

Cozy spaces make me happy.

I haven't had a spare moment to process all the awesomeness, but I hope to soon. Well, soon-ish. I fly out tomorrow morning on a business trip. Since Alt ended on Saturday evening I've...

...been to dinner...

...and the ballet with my friend John.

Today I hosted brunch for 7 of my amazing friends.

Then this afternoon there was a situation appointment involving all sorts of wax and all sorts of pain and we don't need to discuss it. I'm now packed, mostly. My stack of Apple products are adequately charged. My cab is coming super early to shuttle me away. I'm anxious to review my notes and set a game plan, but perhaps the plane ride will give me time to reflect on Alt and everything I absorbed. 

My initial thoughts are:

{ Pinterest }

It was repeated by multiple speakers that you need to pick a couple social media platforms and invest time to build a community there, versus a shallow community everywhere. I have that on Instagram, I'm trying to build that more on this blog, but I've decided I need to pay more attention to Pinterest. I love everything about it, and I know I can curate boards people will want to see and share, it just overwhelms me. There's too much awesome. Managing the awesome can be a part time job, but I want to give it more attention. So, Pinterest. 

{ Organize }

I need an editorial calendar for this blog. I've known that for a while, but I'm finally going to do it. 

{ Photographs }

I need to put down my iPhone and get back to high(er)-quality photos. Many people at Alt talked about how challenging it is for them to take photos for their blog. I felt fortunate that I have the passion, skills, and equipment to do that; but then I felt lazy for only re-posting grainy Instagram photos on here. I'll do better from now on and be more intentional about professional photographs. 

{ Graphic Design }

I should've got a degree in graphic design. I can take free classes at the college where I work and I think I'm finally going to do it. I'm not going to do it a degree-seeking way, I'm content with my BA and MA as they are, but I am going to develop those skills. 

{ Overhaul }

It's inevitable that I will overhaul the entire design of this site, with or without the graphic design classes. Also, I may switch platforms (opinions, anyone?). Also also, I'm considering a logo. 

That's it for now. Stayed tuned for more Alt insights (and changes) in the coming weeks. 


A Series of Declarations! Coming soon...

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