Photo Series: Portland & Oregon's Coast

Tiny cutenessLittle Free Libraries are all over the hoods in Portland. @downtownslc how great would these be in SLC?!#succulentlovesalted caramel and almond brittle @saltandstraw. omg.seasonal ice cream flavors at @saltandstraw@saltandstraw in PDX's artsy Alberta hood.
shiny sparkles...ooooohVintage. Costume. Jewelry. I dedicated this shopping adventure to @psychopetals.that happened.poached eggs atop risotto cakes made with bacon, asparagus, and sweet potatoes. That.brunch light(s)Good Morning, Brunch.
Hiking #whpthroughthetreesdriftwood. very large driftwood.I wonder how Steve and Lisa are doing?silence.#whpthroughthetreesRoad trip gold. Thanks, creepy truck stop. #thathappened w @pdxblueeyes
Have a beautiful day. Love, The Ocean.All of that hiking about in the woods deserves a reward. And a factory tour. Cheese. Yes.hiking to the beachthe perfect lunch*obligatory* Canon Beach, Haystack Rock, show about the weird awesomeness that is Portland. That happened. And it was hilarious.
Portland + coast (04-2013), a set on Flickr.
I was in Portland last week for work, but that never stops me from spending every spare moment I have in search of beauty and beautiful food. I spent the weekend at the coast with my friend who lives in Portland. It's moody and raw and stunning.

I still have over a hundred photos on my phone that I'll play with for days to come, but for now...enjoy!

Flea Fabulousness @ Vintage Whites Market

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