Every water bottle needs its own tote.

We're all long past the one-use plastic water bottle phase, right? Please. The next step in our eco-evolution is totes for our favorite re-usable bottles. Behold...

Neighbors on Pierpont Avenue, Tissu Fine Fabrics hosted the latest Craft Lake City workshop.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bottle. All other necessities provided. 

Tissu is a gorgeous store. Made me wish I knew the first thing about sewing. 


Step One: A foam core, held around your bottle with a "frankenstein stitch"

Step Two: Stitch the fabric to the foam core.

Step Three: Ask the Cricut workshop sponsor guy to cut out a gold glitter bird for you.

Step Five-ish: Rethink the color selection of your ironic bird.
Then, once your gold blob is ironed on (Step Four), stitch a bottom on your tote. 

Step seven or so that I never got around to because I'm slow and new to this whole needle and fabric thing: Sew on a handle / strap. You're ready to hit the crowded farmer's market walkways, hydrated and handmade.

My water bottle is on a date with the water bottle belonging to @heathengoddess.

Meanwhile, can we take just a moment to freak out over the beauty of this store. I mean, seriously.

Handmade chandelier so girly and fabulous I can barely stand it. #covet

Again, if only I knew how to sew and what to do with all this. Other than touch it and photograph it.


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