Whimsical tunes for your weekend

If you're anything like me, you take yourself too seriously far too often. I get obnoxious about it too, particularly musically. I get all self-righteous and preachy about pop music, lament the fact that top 40 tunes are destroying the creative potential of the human race, and love/hate when I realize (while a passenger in a friend's vehicle because I haven't listened to commercial radio in over a decade, re self-righteous) one of my fav bands has become common knowledge.

Whatever. It happens.

This also happens...

Between the band's affirming message and the whimsical feeling you get when listening to them, it's like Glee and her life partner recruited the It Gets Better campaign as their donor and the baby is a barefoot summer music festival at which I'm dancing with the hottest man ever. Who is very dark and tall with unruly curly hair, btw. Oh, and we're making out in a muddy rainstorm. That. That's what this album is like. Pure fun. Pure positivity. Pure in-the-moment. Pure pop.

Have a joyful weekend.


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