What January Taught Me

One month into my happiness project and I've learned, remembered, and/or articulated the following:

just keep going.
+ I do not actually want to re-learn classical guitar. I thought I did. Turns out, I only want to pick up the guitar and rip through the songs I loved playing in college. My February happiness goals omit any mention of the guitar. That makes me happy.

+ Scheduling out my goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis reveals a distinct pattern to avoid scheduling tasks on weeknights. I gear most projects toward Saturday and Sunday, and it makes me happy to have creative weekends. Partially this is because I'm happy when I maintain a sense of choice and spontaneity with open evenings, and partially this is because my job wears me out more often than not. How I create a long-term balanced ratio of energy is a larger question of employer/career shifts and I'm not ready to deal with that yet.

+ Somehow, and this is supremely annoying to me, flossing every night before bed is far more difficult than designing, rebranding, launching, and facilitating an itsy bitsy social media empire. Go figure.

+ Blogging at least once a week is important to me. It's one of my preferred creative outlets. Also, I'm awarding myself bonus points for accomplishing tasks that weren't on my list and I hadn't anticipated needing/wanting to do. I completely re-designed this blog, as well as my instagram online landing pagetumblr, and twitter. I also created and now manage a my madeleines facebook page (more on that later). I would be the happiest person on planet earth if I could figure out how to monetize my love of writing and photography into a manageable salary.

+ I'm not a great chef. That's okay. I own pretty kitchen things and I'm starting to figure out what I'm supposed to do with them.

+ I've been consistent in my trips to the gym. For the most part, I've made it at least four times each week and this habit makes me happy. I lost six pounds and my skin is particularly awesome after all that sweating and such. The true challenge will come when my travel schedule picks up, as it does in February.

+ I hate waking up at 6:00am. I absolutely hate everything about it. This is actually the true test for all of my habit-forming happiness project mumbo jumbo. I remarked in an Evernote about two weeks in that the little things will make or break this project for me. I need to prove a point to myself and do it right. I may accomplish a thousand large goals and finish all the major projects I line up for myself, but if I can't master the 6:00am weekday alarm, there's something about this adventure that's failed.

+ I love genealogical research. Who knew? I always wrote it off as an activity for bored Mormon grandmas, but I feel like such a super sleuth tracking down the details of my family. Nearly more than any other piece of my happiness project, I wish I had unlimited time to explore this new interest. Also, I want to expatriate and live in Denmark more than ever.

+ I purged and donated just over 20 pairs of shoes. You're welcome, drag queens who thrift for fabulousness at DI and are the only humans who share my size 11 sometimes 12 feet. You're welcome.

+ Moving into February I realized that I will be more successful if I drill down even further into specifics. My two Evernote tracking table things turned into five Evernote tracking table things, but I feel more on target. My "read more and watch less hulu/netflix" turned into three nights of each per week, with one freebie night to do whichever suits me. It all seems so basic, but again, Rubin's point is that happiness is in the habit and the details. I agree. I also believe those details will add up to a sum far larger than their parts.

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