I'm wearing pink lace panties (Or, how I'm focusing on abundance as my 2013 power word)

As part of our first Happiness Project brunch, we chose power words for 2013. My power word is abundance. This focus on abundance led me to wear pink lace panties today. What? Yes. Because they've been in my dresser drawer, tags on, since I purchased them. Turns out, that's not a very abundant thing to do. 

In the introduction of The Happiness Project, Rubin writes about her rules of adulthood and the twelve "commandments" she's set for herself. "Spend Out" was one of the commandments, but I didn't understand what she meant by that. In surfing around on Rubin's blog, I came upon a post she wrote explaining it. To her it means stop hoarding and let things go. I think that's only part of it for me, but the deeper meanings of abundance are something I'm working my way into. For now...

Something I've understood intellectually for years, but I'm still trying to actually manifest in my life, is the trust it takes to do that, to let things go. I haven't fully figured out why I hold on to things that make no logical sense to hold on to, but I'm slowly practicing abundance in my physical space by organizing, purging, and simplifying this year.

So far I've tackled two nagging organizational projects in my spare bedroom/home office and two purging projects in my bedroom, donating 20+ pairs of shoes and a huge garbage bag full of random whatever crammed into my dresser. I have an entire empty drawer in my dresser now. Totally empty. The remaining five drawers are quite organized and spacious, to boot. It feels great. So for now, abundance to me means unblocking the inertia of nagging clutter and helping energy flow through.

I do confess that I kept six different pairs of black yoga pants. Six. In varying degrees of stretch, looseness, tightness, waistbands, and lengths. Whatever. It's only February. I'm working my way into it. I've already scheduled a second round of purging once I've moved through each space individually, so perhaps I'll catch them the next time around and only keep a normal number of black yoga pants.

Although, wearing cute lace panties with sloppy loungey yoga pants feels kinda awesome.

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