Crafting a catcher of dreams.

Something creative is brewing in Salt Lake City.

West Elm stores are known for one fabulous vignette after another.

When West Elm announced they were building a store on Main Street in the center of downtown, I was just happy I didn't have to haul treasures back from Portland anymore. For years I made pilgrimages to West Elm stores in hip cities around the country. I realize it's the 21st century and as a society we've created access to catalog/shipping services, but whatever. I travel a lot already and I'm tactile with my shopping habits. At any rate, beyond the massive convenience of having them five blocks from my home, they also concocted a creative collaboration with the cool local cats of Craft Lake City.

Artist Melinda Fisher introduces herself and our project for the evening.

Seems simple enough, right? It's not. At all.  

Craft your way into the center and you earn a stone...

In addition to awesome people, how gorgeous is this setting for a workshop like this?

I have a whole new respect for jewelry artists. I will never ever again balk at etsy prices or choke when I see arts festival price tags. This was not easy. Either that or I'm entirely talentless, but hey, I chose to say it's legitimately difficult. It was actually an excellent meditation exercise, which I didn't anticipate. I had to let go and give into the imperfection of it all. I was not going to make a symmetrical dreamcatcher and instead I focused energy on shutting down my OCD and laughing with everyone at my table about how hard this is. 

I'm workin' it out.


Malinda Fisher has a giant dreamcatcher installation downtown. I want to check it out and participate, I just haven't had time to make it over there yet. I love the whole concept. Has anyone in SLC seen it yet?

The next Craft Lake City + West Elm workshop is bookbinding. I cannot wait. Oh, the nerdy fantasticness of it all.

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