An invitation

Hi Reader, 

Two things I want to discuss with you:

No.1:  If you're reading this in an RSS feed right now (it's likely most of you are), take a moment and bounce over to the full my madeleines URL. I spent time in January completely redesigning the site and I'm happy with how it turned out. I found a cleaner, more direct way to integrate my photography blog, instagram, flickr, facebook, twitter, pinterest, yelp, tumblr, and more. Take a peek. 

If you're not in an RSS reader right now, this photo is so meta.

No.2: If you're a facebook user, join other readers on the my madeleines page. RSS feeds are convenient, but they're also quite solitary. I want the chance to interact with people and create a community of blog readers. That won't happen with each of us in our own RSS silo. I invite you to like the my madeleines facebook page and start a conversation with other creative souls who live for travel, photography, design, food, and cultural adventures.

I'm wearing pink lace panties (Or, how I'm focusing on abundance as my 2013 power word)

What January Taught Me