My Wanderlist

Fellow Globetrotters, 

If you don't use wanderlists yet, you really should. AFAR (which is my favorite travel magazine of all time) is featuring the wanderslist I created for Prague on their homepage today. Ooooh, so fancy.

Prague...collected by Yours Truly.

What is a wanderlist? Well, the whole concept of AFAR is to travel authentically and locally and off the beaten path. In relation to their online collaborative, travelers post tips on the AFAR website (think tweet-sized advice with a photo and pinpointed city map), then users curate a wanderlist of sights they want to see in that same city. The most genius feature: You can use it when your phone is in offline or in airplane mode, i.e. when you're abroad. Brilliant. 

I should say, about my featured Prague wanderlist, it's not tips that I've posted of my own trip. Not yet. For now, the list they featured is what I curated from all the possible Prague information posted on the AFAR site. They like my curation of the city, in other words. I have a goal to add my own tips for others to put in their wanderlists, I simply haven't had time yet. At any rate, I'm obsessed with AFAR and this was the highlight of my day, for sure. 

Bon Voyage!

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