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I could seriously do this all day. If I were magically, inexplicably, independently wealthy, I would travel the world and create poems out of the titles on book spines. I would do it in famous bookstores all over the planet. I would die happy doing this. Also, you know some diy portlandia granola girl on etsy is already raking in millions selling little square print photos of this very idea. Also, also, if that's not true, I call it. It's mine. Trademark. Done. I'd gratefully be that diyportlandia granola girl on etsy raking in millions selling little square print photos of book spine poetry. #nerd

"You can't go home again, this I believe. Then again, reality is broken."

"Refuge, dancing at the edge of the world, sand in my bra. She's come undone. 
A visit from the goon squad, a call to conscience."

"Girl, interrupted. The vagabond, running with scissors. Rabbit, run to the lighthouse, into the wild. Book of dreams, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius."

ISBN ### Liberal Biliogasm

Waterboarding. Naked Mormon Missionaries.