No more blogger. Follow me to my new site...

Remember when I mused about breaking up with blogger? Well, the time has come.

I'm more or less prepared to roll out my new website. It combines this blog and my photography blog. I know that I will endlessly tweak it, but it's good enough to make the switch and begin to grow into that site.

I understand that very few people visit actual websites anymore, what with RSS and Twitter and all, but nonetheless, design is really important to me. I hope people will bounce on the actual site at least every now and then; fully realizing that most people will simply subscribe to the three different RSS feeds embedded in the site. Even if the design shouts into the void, I'll continue to play with the site and the look/feel of it. I enjoy it and, after all, it's one of the main reasons I'm leaving blogger.

Rekindling an old flame

Blogger, it's not you. It's me.