Coming up for air

Grad School.
One MBA class down. Got a solid A grade and flattering kudos from the professor. I've been knocking out A grades on all my MA Community Leadership course assignments. My new MBA course is going well and I rocked an A on the first assignment. All is well. It's hard. I love it. It takes every single spare moment of my time. It's worth it.

The director of my department left the college in September. I was appointed Interim Director. This is in addition to everything else I do for my already more-than-full-time job and the new federal grant I'm managing. It's a great opportunity and I'm in the right place at the right time, but it's wearing me out. I now manage 7 staff members and a $400,000 budget. In addition... *sigh*

That's that.
I have a light homework weekend. This hasn't happened since...well, since I started grad school. I took this time to clean my apartment. No. That's a lie. I took this time to surf the web and watch hours of hulu. I'm about to dump a lot of neat interweb finds on this blog.

Ready. Set. Go.

Until you have seen a deaf girl dance...

Ahhhhhh cafe...