Dinner at the market

I love the rhythm of cities: Locals (not tourists) fill up the market stalls at the end of the day and begin walking home with fresh greens and a warm baguette poking out of their tote, flowers under their arm. I like to fantasize about the chic lofts in which they'll have their friends over for a dinner party.

My little slice of urban nirvana? Byward Market...and my hotel room. Not quite as sexy, but I still dig it.

First stop, the continental delicatessen for a bit of thin, dry, mid-spice Hungarian salami. Next, la boulangerie for heavenly butter croissants. Quick stop at a fruit stand, then off to la fromagerie for an aged 4-year raw milk cheddar from Montreal and La Sauvagine from Saint-Raymon de Portneuf (Grand Champion of the 5th Canadian Cheese Grand Prix).

Dude. I know. A Grand Prix of Cheese. Seriously.

Oh...and I topped it off with an "Obama Cookie" - because when Obama came to Ottawa he went to the boulangerie and ordered the maple leaf sugar cookie, took a photo with the staff, and gave them infamous cache for years to come.

Ahhhhhh cafe...

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