More Little Things, Or Fall Leaves

I live 10 minutes from some of the most beautiful canyons on Planet Earth. Ask me how often I make it up there. On second thought, don't ask me. Just know that I at least took advantage of the splendor this afternoon. I still had my yoga buzz on and I couldn't bear the thought of going home to more Organizational Behavior texts. I turned right back around and went up Emigration Canyon, then up East Canyon to the Milford County line.

You know those moment, every so often, when you stop and think: "Wait. This is me. This is absolutely me, centered, happy, who I'm supposed to be..." I have those moments when I'm behind my camera. I have those moments when I'm alone in nature. I have those moments when I'm volunteering, at a community festival, or sleeping in on a chilly Saturday morning with no agenda bearing down on me. You know those moments, whatever they are for you. I felt such peace up the canyon today and it was the perfect capstone to my yoga buzz.

I sat in the same space for about 20 minutes, completely rapt by the colors and shifting tones of the warm sunset. The difference is subtle, but 20 minutes after the photo above was taken, I snapped the shot below. Can you just taste that sunset? I streaks across the sky like hot buttah.

Something terrible is happening

The Little Things