you HAVE to be kidding me...

(identical post on madeleines written with light)

So yeah. Remember that goal I set? I was going to blog the past six months of travel before Labor Day. Um, about that.

At least this time it's not my fault. I set aside the time, even went out of my way to create time in my schedule to knock this project out. I prepped massive amounts of photos. I was ready to rock n' roll.

Then blogger freaked out.

I haven't been able to post photos for weeks now. Weeks. In Blog Time, that's like 17 years. I get the same annoying error message each time and I've tried absolutely everything I can to work around it. No luck. I finally gave up and visited the blogger help site. As it turns out, not so helpful. It's a cool concept, but no dice. It's a community site, with users answering each other's questions and the occasional blogger staffer jumping in. I was basically shouting into the void.

Along came twitter.

I tweeted my frustration into what I thought was another void, but at least I could direct my comments @blogger #help #likenow. A helpful woman named Siobhan chimed in with all sorts of suggestions (many I had already tried, but she obviously knew her stuff so I went with it). I found out later she's actually a blogger staffer who tweets and she picked up on the @blogger I threw out into the tweetsphere. She took it as far as she could then passed me off to a rock star named Brett. Brett and I tweaked and troubleshooted and are now tweaking some more. With no luck.

The Picasa team has been called in.

Honestly. I'm such a small fish in the blogging universe. I just wanna post a few photos. The epicness of the situation is getting old. I know Brett is working on the issue from his end and I hope there are some crafty Picasa techs attacking it as well. At any rate, epic or not, I sincerely appreciate the help. I'm so grateful to be off the community help site and in the capable hands of actual geeks.

And so we wait.

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