Master of Arts in Community Leadership

It has been over seven years since I graduated with my BA in English from Westminster College. I've missed the brick, ivy, and small classes from the moment I left. I've built a great career in higher-ed in the meantime - and life has been non-stop work momentum since I graduated - but I've always wanted to go back to school. Westminster didn't have a graduate program that was right for my field however and so I've flirted off and on with a number of grad school options over the years. I found a few potential programs, but was never able to take a breather from work long enough to give it any real thought.

Well, this spring a number of factors came together to form the perfect storm. 1) My consulting gig (ie: the cause of my constant travel) just wrapped in July; and 2) Westminster announced the creation of a new grad program that just so happens to be the perfect fit for my field: Master of Arts in Community Leadership (MACL). Long story short: I went through the motions of debating it (because I knew it was perfect for me and it was all but a done deal), I went for it, was accepted, enrolled, signed my student loan papers with my sweet red blood, and I begin the next chapter of my life on 24 August.

The genius concept behind the MACL program is that it is entirely interdisciplinary. In addition to taking Community Leadership courses, I'll also take MBA courses, as well as courses in the MA Professional Communication program. I could take courses in the MA Public Health program if I felt so inclined, but it's not my focus.

I would love to do nothing with my life but focus on school, but alas, that was a rare privilege known exclusively to my residential undergrad life. I'll still have my full-time job...I'll just replace my consulting travel with full-time enrollment in grad school. If all goes as planned I'll be done Spring 2011.

So in reference to my previous post, I hope to wrap up posts about my January - June travels soon because I have a feeling that what little spare time I have now will soon be a distant memory. It's a welcome, long overdue change, however. Just think, now I have an excuse to shop to for new office supplies and tech goodies! Say hel-lo to a new MacBook Pro...!


I know. Even I'm sick of reading it.