I know. Even I'm sick of reading it.

So far 2009, as far as blogging is concerned, has been flat out pathetic. In the past six months I've jumped on here a few times to share a link or two, but mostly I've only profered broken record excuses. I logged in today with the intent to blog (still have that intent) and ended up redesigning my site/header/template instead. Go figure. So I have that going for me, at least, a new look for my neglected blog. If you're in a third-party RSS reader, clickety click over to the original post and check out the new site.

Design distractions aside, it's my intention to blog the last six months of travel within the next six weeks. My consulting gig is wrapped and thus my insane travel schedule is wrapped. I'll still travel and attend conferences and such, but nothing like the volume of the past three years.

I never did finish posting about my California trip, but since that takes us back to December 2008, we'll just call it sixes. Since January I've been to:
  • Marietta/Atlanta, Georgia
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Seattle, Washington (again, two weeks later)
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Oberlin/Elyria, Ohio
  • Alamosa/Trinidad, Colorado
  • Castine, Maine
I can't say I've processed the photos from all of these trips as thoroughly as I'd like to, but I have found a few favorites and shared them on my photography blog (madeleines written with light). I also can't let the incomplete photo edits hold me back from blogging, however. These posts will be quick and dirty, as blog should be but as mine rarely is, and they will (hopefully) be done before Labor Day.

Why the rush? Well...I'm finally starting grad school! New post...

Master of Arts in Community Leadership

Happy May Day