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So back in February I blamed (in part) facebook and delicious for my shameful blog neglect. I created the "while surfing around label" to house posts inspired by random stuff I find online - stuff that usually ends up on facebook and delicious, but rarely makes it to this blog. Well, that was a great idea, but I'm still not finding (making?) the time to post my more interesting internet wanderings. I posted a link to my delicious account in the menu bar of this blog, but I'm under no illusion that everyone rushed over to RSS my delicious feed.

All of that aside, I'm here to present yet another excuse. I've fallen in love with twitter. Big time. Yup. Because it's not enough to manage multiple blogs in my personal and professional life, facebook, gmail, a photography hobby, delicious, work and stuff, and you know, like a social life or something. I've now decided to manage a presence in the tweetsphere.

Here's the thing though, remember when I was all bent out of shape about blogs obliterating the English language as we know it...and I got all uppity and annoying about the impure micro-format of blogs...blahblah? Well yeah, so here I am every day reading and writing in 140 tweet characters...and loving it. I follow 80 something people/organizations, and 80 something people/organizations follow me. As far as news and politics go, twitter has all but replaced my google reader.

Like a broken record, I'm about to say what I always say when I pop on here to rationalize my neglect: I still have every intention of blogging, so stay tuned. I'm finally figuring out my broken computer and will soon start posting photos on madeleines written with light, so stay tuned on that front as well.

In the meantime, do you tweet? I'd love to follow you around. You'll find me @fourthirtyam and a link to my twitter profile is now located in the menu bar of this blog.

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