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Recently a Sam Greenfield article appeared on Huffington Post: "Is That All You Have, Limbaugh?"

I don't remember the details of Limbaugh's tirade referenced in the article, and I don't actually care. What I do care about is the point Greenfield makes that the tired paradigm of fear and anger is on. its. way. out.

I've been feeling this shift coming for years now, and I am only one of millions of people who sense it. It's like we're hitting a giant reset button and changing our collective mind. Some people can instinctively hear, see, and even feel the difference between fear-based politics, fear-based advertising, fear-based motivation, a reactionary worldview...and the contrasting proactive, positive way of explaining the world. Some people cannot. Some people get defensive, some people get confused, some people get flat out angry. That's fine. If they can't make the distinction, that's fine. The shift is coming regardless.

The election of Barack Obama, particularly considering how he ran his groundbreaking community-based campaign, is one manifestation of this shift to a proactive worldview. Other manifestations include the near-failure of global capitalism, the fact that the internet is rapidly democratizing media, (more of my thoughts on media found here), people are beginning to care about how we treat our planet, and so much more. In other words - every day people, not exclusively those who have traditionally held power, are now empowered to define their own reality, make their own choices, create the world as they want it to be.

An article by Kari Henley - "Community is Our New Deal" - explains this shift. "...the winds of change are swinging away from fear and consumerism to regeneration and commonality. Our country has been asleep in a divisive rat race, and the time to cast away hedonism and embrace greater good for all is at hand. We are ready and yearning for it. Demonstrating the simplicity and power of community has been absent from our leaders for so long." (read more...) It's like taking the red pill and being ejected from the matrix. As soon as you identify the distinction between reactive and proactive worldviews, you see the chasm widening and there's no going back.


Control vs. Empowerment

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