Blame facebook &

Yes, there is unrelenting stress at work. Yes, it's been a long, blah winter. Yadda yadda yadda...and then...

In part I blame my blogging negligence on facebook. In direct correlation to my discovery of "posted items" aka "links" on my facebook wall, my blogging frequency dropped pretty much off the radar.

Then I discovered and it rocked my world. I've figured out how to link my bookmarks to this blog (see the sidebar menu), but that is a poor, poor excuse for blogging.

I want to blog. I really do. I want to ramble on with unsolicited opinions and post editorial tid bits about all the random stuff I'm reading, seeing, doing, hearing, I'm quite certain that some geek out there in cyberland has created an interface that would let me bookmark on, spam my facebook wall, and post to this blog all from one central program. If anyone knows of such a platform, please let me know.

In the meantime, I need to be better about posting. I need to be better about pulling particularly interested tid bits onto this site and, as I said, rambling on and editorializing. Most of these posts will end up in the new "while surfing around" label.

What is it that they say about good intentions?

Dance Dance Science Revolution

...the crowd went wild!!