Penpals are hip (again)

Do you remember penpals? I associate them with elementary school and some boy living in Greece who chose to regale me with details of life in his village. Though my memories are fond, I'm fairly certain this Greek child was actually my 4th grade teacher. Seriously. I think Mrs. Hendrickson forged, with loving intent, the handful of postcards I received from my special penpal. To this day, in my mind's eye, I can see her stuffing fake letters into my cubby hole on the top shelf, right next to the backpack rack and unruly pile of red rubber four square balls.

Well guess what? Penpals are back and tres hip this time around. If you haven't been introduced already, Dear Reader, meet Postcrossing. You create a free profile, request addresses from all over Planet Earth, and send away. You can send postcards that you purchase at the corner drug store, or within the Postcrossing site you can create cards from your own photographs (which they will print and mail for you!).

As you send postcards, you receive postcards...the more you send, the more you receive. Fair enough. I've only just started the process, but my first two postcards were received today. It's already quite addicting.

So once you set up your free profile, you log into the site and register both the postcards you receive and those that you send. The site gives you postcard id codes for each piece of mail so that you can watch your Google map fill in with your comings and goings. You can also send email-style messages to your new penpal friends through the Postcrossing site. JaDD in Finland just got my card this morning. See...

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