Juggling two blogs

It's only been a few weeks since I started my second blog. I'm learning how to use my new Nikon D80 and madeleines written with light is the space I created to hold my favorite photographs that come from that exploration. I've already run into the dilemma (not a conundrum on par with world hunger, granted) of the interplay of these two blogs.

I want the photography blog to be just that, all about photography. I don't want to editorialize or clutter the photo posts with chatter. I want the images to stand alone. If people like them, they like them. If they identify with them, they identify with them. If they don't dig it, that's cool.

I want this blog, my madeleines, to remain the editorial space, as it were. It was originally created as an outlet for me to write and I want it to stay that way. What I've already noticed, however, is that some of my photos will appear on both sites. That may be repetitive for readers who follows both blogs, but again, this dilemma in perspective is mundane at best.

Unfortunately my vacation is over and I'm back at work this week...meaning that blog updates are once again at the mercy of rare free time. I still need to post about New Orleans, I have all sorts of photos from my recent trip to California, and my Flickr hasn't been updated since July 2008 (!!)......so I'll see you when I see you.

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