Home for the Holidays

Ah yes...the uncomfortable twin bed, five inches off the end of which my feet dangle each night. Welcome home, kido. Over the many years since I left it behind, my old high school bedroom has transformed itself innumerable times (a place to stuff random junk, sewing room despite the fact that no one in my family sews, a brief stint with renters, second office when my parents decided they each needed their own space, and so on). The latest iteration is apparently two twin beds with patchwork quilts, a shabby chic nightstand, and intentionally-torn wallpaper made to look like red bricks. This little backwoods boudoir is home sweet home for a week. I may not have a bed that allows all my extremities to be supported at the same time, but at least I have my own bathroom.

I leave this weekend for a vacation in California. I'll spend time with my family in Orange County, but I'm also planning on a couple days in the central coast, San Luis Obispo area. In the meantime I hope to spend time blogging, finish reading my latest book (Letters from a Woman Homesteader), catch up on stacks of neglected magazines, watch endless hours of "What Not To Wear" on TLC, and teach myself how to use my new Nikon D80. Beats the office!

Riley, aka The Sweetest Dog in the World

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