Emotional Vomit.

So that apparently needed to happen. Turns out that with a few days hindsight, that was analogous to the satisfying moment when you suspect you might be sick...and then you finally throw up...and then you start feeling better. Not a graceful image, but entirely accurate.

So that closure I thought I'd achieved? Not so much. Awesome.

The good news? Naming it is half the battle. I traveled so far down that long road of closure that I think I just got tired. I needed to pull off and take a nap. I needed to get out, stretch my legs, buy another Gatorade. The problem is I never got back in the car. I realize that now. All this time that I thought I was making progress, I was just idling in a roadside rest stop somewhere between him and home.

To carry this cheesy analogy further than it needs to be carried: I'm back in the driver's seat. There are only a few more corners to turn before I'm in the home stretch. You know that point in the trip? Your back is sore, your licorice is long gone, the iPod shuffling is getting old, you just want to sleep in your own bed...but the landmarks are familiar so you know you're close. There's nothing more satisfying than returning home after a long road trip. Though long-time-coming emotional vomit does run a close second.


I can still smell the red leather...