co co sala

I had a total Sex in the City moment on this last trip to DC. I had one of those chic urban moments that makes me pause, look around, shake my head and mutter, "Is this my life? Sweet." Sweet indeed. Sweet like cocoa. Or rather sweet like co co sala chocolate lounge.

Reservations required for boutique charm, an abundance of artisanal chocolates, ultra modern decor with soft candlelight caressing your organic sliders, and dropping $30 for desert, ah yes...the city life.

It took me all of 2.5 seconds to glance over the menu and make my decision: Chocolate Connoisseur Tasting.

I was served five gradients of chocolate ranging from white to 78% cocoa. I was even given a little key/map thing to guide me through my plate (ie: 30% Milk Chocolate from Guatemala). Each grade of chocolate came in solid, semi-solid, and liquid form. Dude. Seriously. After consulting with my friends, the strategy was as follows: I took one grade at a time, ate one solid piece, then half the semi-solid piece, and knocked back the shot. I can't really describe the sensation of warm melted chocolate coating my throat and sliding to it's new home in my happy tummy. My goodness.

If you want to see great photos...scroll through this page and salivate. It was really difficult to capture the ambiance because it was so dimly lit. Their website is pretty fabulous though, amazing photos, so check it out.

Because I'm 32 flavors and then some

I'm serious. It's a shoe car.