Swank Swanky Swank | Washington DC

There are few things in life more swanky than business travel. Well, in my life anyway there are few things more swanky than business travel. There's dropping $300/night on a hotel in Dupont Circle and then there's crashing at your cousin's place. On my recent trip to DC, I was lucky enough to do both. For the first half of the week I was on my consulting dime and that dime took me to the Hotel Palomar, a Kimpton property. The niche for Kimpton is: "Every Hotel has a Story" and the story that my hotel happens to tell is: "Art in Motion."

Is the hot pink body pillow a bit unconventional? Yes. How about the cheetah faux fur throw? Definitely over the top. The massively fuzzy cheetah bathrobe and matching slippers? Indulgent to be sure. My favorite part is the nightstand that lights up and the fact that all the lamps dim, including the spotlights in the big bathtub. Did I feel like a 70s pimp with my padded leather headboard? You bet. And why not? I love exploring new hotels and when you travel a lot, why not have fun with it? This place was recommended and arranged by my contact at the company for whom I do the consulting work, so roll with it.

A Sunny Day in Annapolis, Maryland

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