A Sunny Day in Annapolis, Maryland

During the work-half of my week in DC I took a day trip to Annapolis. I had business with a college there and it was my first time to that city. After our work was done, we ate lunch on the water at The Severn Inn and wandered about the historic district. We could not have asked for better weather...or fresher mozzarella!

I love squishy row houses and brownstones, tree-lined streets, and brick sidewalks. I can't imagine how much it would cost to live in said squishy spaces, but seriously, how lovely is this?! It feels like another world and in squishy east coast neighborhoods like this I half expect some bespectacled founding father to trot past in his carriage on his way to sign something really important.

Remember that gorgeously sunny weather I was telling you about? This is what that sun looks like streaming through the turning leaves of fall.

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