Residential Adventure | Adams Morgan

One of my favorite things to do in cities is wander through residential neighborhoods, see how people really live, get off the beaten tourist path. When I built a few play days into my DC trip, I was googling for events and festivals when I found an excellent cultural tourism website. This website breaks the district into neighborhoods and suggests the highlights of each. One neighborhood that I'd heard great things about, including from my friend who lives there currently and a friend who did live there for about a decade, was Adams Morgan.

It's a funky-eclectic-artsy-yuppie hot spot known for quirky boutique shopping and public murals. My only regret with this excursion is that I went too early in the day and the neighborhood was still sleepy. In hindsight, I should have planned this to be my dinner/club destination. Oh well, I still got a sense of it and that sense tells me I would be very happy living here. Because really, who doesn't want an Egyptian cat pharaoh mural thing coming out their bedroom window?

Tehehehe. Madam's Organ is the young professional's waterhole in Adams Morgan. I dig it.

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