Bald Head Island | North Carolina

As was the case with our girlfriend getaways in Italy and Hawaii, Kris and I once again celebrated our birthdays in a picturesque setting...this time around in North Carolina. The four of us decided to take a day trip to Bald Head Island, the southern tip of the infamous Outer Banks. The island is home to Old Baldy, the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina, erected in 1817. We did not realize, as we piled in our golf cart (the island is only accessible by ferry, no cars allowed) and adventurously trekked out to the Frying Pan Shoals, that Tropical Storm Kyle was only a few miles off shore. We took a very sandy, very windy beating, but still had a great day cruising around the island, Kris and I perched precariously on the back of the golf cart, watching the marshy island roads fly past.

The rickety boardwalk cutting through wetlands on its way to a rough shoreline is so quintessentially east coast...and for some inexplicable reason it emotes a vintage energy for me. Charming.

Old Baldy Lighthouse

Barrage of photos...comin' your way