"you are officially guilty of blog neglect!"

As Aaron so commented on my last post (regretfully dated 01 October), I am indeed officially guilty of blog neglect. We've entered the busy travel season, folks. Between 15 September and 06 November I have a whopping six days in my office. You can imagine how swamped and stressful those precious six days are. It's killing me that I don't have time to blog. Survival mode doesn't agree with me and I'd much rather live in a creative space. I do have a few essays I want to share and I hope that re-posting something a friend has already written will be simple enough...so hopefully I can do that very soon.

All that aside, had I the luxury, I would be opining on such issues as:

1) The presidential election. I have much to say and much that I want to splash about the internet, but my passion dictates that were I to adequately splash my opinions about I would have to work as a full-time politico.

2) My adventures with Tabesha. I'm still volunteering with the English Skills Learning Center and I'm still working 1x1 with Tabesha. I've had some very delightful moments and some very difficult moments. I worry that the memories and anecdotes, if not captured here, will fade into the blur of everything else.

3) California's Proposition 8. What I have to say about the presidential election is equally passionate to what I have to say about Prop 8, but in a very different way. Prop 8, and the involvement of the LDS church specifically, is deeply personal to me. I regret not having time to utilize this blogging outlet to work through all that. Summary: I'm strongly opposed to Prop 8. You may have noticed the LDS church is not so strongly opposed.

4) Photos. Ohhhh the photos. I'm still traveling with my camera, even on business trips, and have an inordinate amount of photographic madeleines to share. This may be an appropriate holiday project to tackle while crashing on the 'rents couch. My Flickr is feeling equally neglected.

5) I want to discuss my job, new possibilities on the horizon, grad school thoughts, desires and plans to live abroad...but I no longer blog 100% anonymously. With this blog address smattered around my facebook profile, stating that it's now a little less anonymous is an understatement. I'll navigate the "Dear Diary vs. 150 People You Know Well Are Most Likely Reading This" discussion later.

6) Travelogues. I love writing about my wanderings and would love to relive the memories of Co Co Sala. Eventually.

7) I'm still doing random things in and around town and perhaps some day I'll tell you about it.

For now...back to work.

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