Musings on the viral nature of blogs

When I posted Crystal's letter opposing Prop 8 (a letter which also articulates how/why she is both Liberal and Mormon), I did so as a quick way to say: "A) Crystal is amazing; and B) Ditto!"

Within moments of the post going live there were comments made, two of which came from complete strangers. I'm accustomed to the viral, faceless nature of the web, but there was something so intimate and tangible about these particular comments. They really touched me. They put a smile on my face and I wanted nothing more than to sit down right then and there and compose the similarly focused letter I keep promising to write. Though I don't have time for that yet, in the meantime I do have two goodies from the madeleine archives. These musings, combined with issues raised by both the Prop 8 conversations and the presidential debate, will eventually find their way into a manifesto of sorts. For now...

Certain Unalienable Rights
(originally posted 18 January 2008)

"I'm really tired of people asking me, "But...aren't you Mormon?" Precisely why, as a matter of fact and doctrinally speaking, I was in attendance last night [at a Citizen Lobbyist training hosted by Equality Utah]. I'm also really tired of people asking me, "But...aren't you straight?" To both I reply, "And?" I have a difficult time painting the LGBT acronym into a corner. What impacts the LGBT community impacts me. By similar extension, what impacts the immigrant community impacts me. What impacts the working poor impacts me. It's not about being gay or straight, native-born or newly-arrived, rich or poor. It's about being human. It's about sharing this world with people I consider to be my brothers and sisters. It's about respecting the right of every. single. person. to be alive, free, and happy. Where have we heard that before? Oh that's the founding documents of this country. The Christian Right (which is neither) should really stop waving that delicate parchment around." (read more)

Doctrine vs. Culture
(originally posted 17 November 2007)

"I am not about to claim that I live in perfect harmony with all doctrine of the LDS faith. I don't. I am claiming that many people exist in a cultural universe unrecognizable to the doctrine. Many times I wonder if we read from the same copy of the Book of Mormon. I can be cheeky or even snarky about this hypocritical disconnect but the truth is that at the end of the day it makes me really sad." (read more)

Stay tuned...

Sorry Sarah, but you're dead wrong.

One Mother's Perspective on Prop 8