Happy Anniversary, baby.

Awww...my little blog...the experiment I began one year ago with much confusion, trepidation, and unnecessary justification. Nearly 250 posts later I've settled into a comfortable groove of travelogues, photography, political rants and raves, book reviews, and occasional opinions about films.

As I peer ahead into another year of life in Blogland, I thought a fresh new look was in order. After designing a new header and retooling the layout, I think she's ready to rock.

On a more substantive note, I know the constant travel will continue. Trips on the calendar as of now include: North Carolina, Washington DC, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Colorado, Ohio, Atlanta, Seattle, Arizona, and more. Hauling my camera with me on all trips, business and pleasure, has become a staple of this blog and of my own creative fulfillment. Politics are as natural to me as breathing and you can expect rants and raves to carry on. I will reflect on books as I read them and the former "First Friday Films" posts will fade into "Whenever I see something worth talking about...or worth warning you about" posts.

A new addition to the blog in her second year will be "Monday Madeleines..." A year ago I had some vague notion of wanting to create a space to reflect on my memories (explanation of madeleines and memory found here). I've done that, in a direct way, a few times on this blog; but what I've realized is that I now have an entire year of digital madeleines. Each blog post, each photo, each video, all total an incredible wealth of memories. I would still like to compile essays on memory, but for now I'll reflect on the past year and post a photo each Monday (...that I'm in town, at a computer, and not buried in an insane workload). No words. No explanation. No context. Just a photo of a madeleine from the first year of the blog. Some may already be posted elsewhere on the blog, but some may not have made it to the blog in that first year.

Sadly, we will not be spending our one-year anniversary on a tropical island somewhere. However, I can say that our romance is still alive and well. I'm more in love with blogging now than I was on the day I first began this adventure. Awwww. Let's make out.

Sunday Skies. 7:13am.

Blah blah blech