Desert Botanical Gardens | Phoenix, Arizona

I'm a water person and for all the things Salt Lake is not, I do miss the mountains when I travel. Combine these facts with my intolerance of heat and it's fair to say I'm not a fan of the desert. The red rocks of southeast Utah are beautiful, spiritual even, but when I think of Arizona...I cringe.

Then I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. Maybe it's because they squish 139 species into 50 acres, making the vast stark quality a little less vast and stark, but by the time I left I had a new respect for the beauty of the desert. I experienced the raw power of the desert, the forceful power that demands respect. They had exhibits about the different cultures that live(d) in the desert and you have to stand in awe of the strength and creativity it would take just to survive from one day to the next.

I was also able to spend the day and share the experience with friends...adding to my new-found good mood about the desert. Memories are always sweeter when spent in good company. Who wouldn't love hiding out in an Apache Wickiup waiting out a rainstorm (of all crazy things to be happening in the desert).

Desert Creatures | Desert Botanical Gardens

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