Charming Victorian | Nagle Warren Mansion

It's fussy and lacey and stiff and when done right, oh so charming. You'd never catch me living in Victorian decor, but I can appreciate the period when it's well done. The Nagle Warren Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Cheyenne, Wyoming is well done. Jim, the owner, was very methodical about the remodel and the details are incredible.

My first memory of the mansion was my visit last year when Jim picked me up at the airport, ran an errand on the way back to the mansion, and then gave me a tour of the grounds before taking my bags to my room. There was something so personal and small town about it. Charming.

When you make your reservations, they work with you to accommodate your diet at breakfast, there are fluffy robes and slippers waiting for you, along with a hand-written card from your housekeeper, and the bath products are yummy imports from England. In other words, the service is wonderful.

My favorite detail has to be the original doors, locks, and skeleton keys.

Radiator | Nagle Warren Mansion

On the Road Again | Cheyenne, Wyoming