Travel | A Year in Review

Whew...I'm officially home from my business travel until fall semester begins! I may be behind on my blog, and plan to continue posting photos and stories until all trips are accounted for, but I still wanted to feel some closure to the travel chaos. It's been a whirlwind year and I've covered a lot of ground (and air) since September 2007. The wordle above (click thumbnail for full-size version) is a visual representation of my adventures, though there are...oh...a few hundred words that should be added to fully record the experience.

The video below is dedicated to KBella. My friend Karin gave me a gorgeous clutch for my birthday last year, with the thought that I could use a sleek, easy-to-pack version of my otherwise massive Mary Poppins purse. It has been a lifesaver. From the time she gave it to me until this day it has accompanied me on every single trip. Unfortunately, my campy goal of photographically cataloging its every meandering wasn't fully realized. I wasn't consistent about taking its photo and there are entire trips that missed out. But for the most'll get the idea. I plan to continue the tradition throughout this next year of travel and will hopefully have a more comprehensive video (and a more intentional wordle) at this time next year.

Locales visited (and blogged) since August 2007:

Denver, Colorado
Washington, DC
Arlington, Virginia
Tampa, Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida
Iowa City, Iowa
Amana Colonies, Iowa
Tacoma, Washington
Point Defiance, Washington
Biloxi, Mississippi
New Orleans, Louisiana
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Woodburn, Oregon
Silver Falls Park, Oregon
Scottsdale, Arizona
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming

...not to mention innumerable airports, local adventures, and miscellaneous road trips along the way!

Spoon Me

Tulips + Tractors...again | Woodburn, Oregon