Spoon Me

Reason #1 for this post: If you live in The SLC and have yet to enjoy the tasty treats at Spoon Me, consider yourself assigned to this experience. Organic, fresh, low-cal, environmentally-sound business...400 South 500 East. Go. Now. Call me. We'll both go.

Reason #2 for this post: Today has been way too long and way too difficult and way too stressful. Thinking about the lovely Saturday I just had takes the edge off.

Reason #3 for this post: I miss my best friend Diane. We're going on 17 years now and that's pretty incredible to me. She lives in Pasadena and I see her only every so often. She was in town this past week and we met up when I got home from Wyoming on Saturday. Living in Pasadena means she has no shortage of yuppie eco-eateries, but Spoon Me held its own.

Dog Days of Summer

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