Powell's: A Portland Pilgrimage

The Mecca to my bibliophilia, Powell's City of Books is a mandatory haj of every trip to the City of Roses. I look forward to setting aside entire afternoons (that's "s" plural) to intentionally get lost in the stacks. The smell of books does it for me. I can't lie. Musty, dusty, crisp paper, worn paper, authors I've vaguely heard of, new treasures, old flames, an entire city block of books, books, books. I'm flushed just typing about it.

My new-found obsession with Bill Bryson kicked off with "African Diary" and will continue until I've read every last word he's penned. I also picked up the most fantastic surprise ever...Angelina Jolie's travel diaries from her humanitarian missions with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Pakistan, Cambodia, etc). Actually, she had made two trips on her own and then the UN snagged her. I'm so in love with her I can barely stand it. Forget how out-of-this-world beautiful she is, her world view is so passionate, informed, and progressively active -- it's inspiring. Roll your eyes if you will, her travel diaries are incredible. (ISBN### post coming soon...I plan to finish the book on the plane rides back to Salt Lake today).

Ken Sanders and Sam Weller's are great and all, but I wish Salt Lake had a Powell's counterpart. Ohhh...the time I would spend...

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