Paper, Pambiche, and Pix...Oh My!

I'm completely addicted to all-things paper, letter press, greeting cards, stationary, ephemera, hand-made, factory-pressed, you name it. I have an insatiable appetite for Cuban food and it's become a travel theme for me to seek out said genre in each city I visit (possible exception: Laramie, Wyoming). I also have a sweet tooth which, when combined with a discerning foodie eye, leads me to consume deserts that really do belong in an art gallery somewhere.

Lucky lucky me, my friend Katherine just so happens to share a love of all of the above. Also lucky for me, we spent an afternoon in Portland's Hawthorne neighborhood indulging our finer senses. I don't have any photos to share of the treasure trove of paper I carted home to Salt Lake (if we had even a fraction of the options I explored in the Hawthorne neighborhood I wouldn't have to travel the world over to feed my paper obsession...that's all I'm saying), but I do have these to share.

Colorful Cuban at Pambiche. Mmmm I can taste the banana sauce.

Divine deserts at Pix Patisserie. Katherine has a great photo of one of these delightful delicacies, but alas, my camera would. not. play. nice. When I got back to the hotel I shared the treats with my friend Lynne. If you've experienced Pix and can't compute the word "share" in the same sentence, you understand why I'm only two miracles away from becoming a saint.

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