I slept with Chris & Jakob last night

Jakob is an old favorite. He's tender and brings with him that sweet familiarity of an old lover tucked in the back of my black book. The one who always picks up right where we left off. An old lover who still manages to curl my toes, that is. I knew where he was going and I knew what to expect. Some may find that boring. I say if it's not broke...

Chris is a new adventure and, admittedly, one that took a while to ease into. He introduces himself thoughtfully, slowly, and I wasn't sure what to make of his advances. Eventually, once I gave in, he took me on a breathtaking ride. It took a few times around to fully appreciate Chris, but the morning after I'm just now understanding the brilliance.

Snap back to reality...yesterday I wandered into iTunes and downloaded the new Coldplay album (Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends) and Jakob Dylan's debut solo release (Seeing Things).

I realize that Coldplay has been around for, like, ever, but I'm not exactly an early adopter. I've gained a vague appreciation of the band and know a few songs by osmosis (read: Zac Braff soundtracks), but have dismissed them as too wide spread and commercial, never dedicating any real time to the band. I'll admit, however, that their "Viva la Vida" Apple commercial (playing prior to previews in a movie theatre near you) sucker punched me into instant fandom. I still think it's one of the more brilliant tracks, but now I'm also addicted to "Violet Hill" and "Lovers in Japan"...both of which played over and over and over as I drifted off to sleep last night.

Also in the mix of snooze-time sonatas was Jakob Dylan's lush scratchy folky pitch perfect voice. His stint leading The Wallflowers was consumed with efforts to not sound like his legendary father. Those ears raised on his father's albums caught moments of the legacy, but overall Jakob was earnestly trying to be as un-like as possible. His solo album forgets all that silliness and settles into the young Dylan that he is. If you believe the myth that there are music albums/people and lyric albums/people...then Jakob's album is for lyric people. It's fabulous.

Wanna know what else is so fabulous I can barely stand it? This...

Public Transit Poetry

Unbelievable Colors