Follow the Elephant... the best Thai food in Portland. The North Park blocks (in The Pearl) is one of my favorite Portland neighborhoods and houses one of my favorite restaurants. The Pearl used to be industrial and shady and fairly rundown. Now, in the true yuppie fashion so dear to my heart, it's a hip and happening warehouse loft district of artsy shops, Whole Foods, interesting restaurants, local brew pubs, and a string of trendy cupcake shops. (See also: very nearly every post in the Stuff White People Like catagloue)

I fell in love with this pair of elephants from the first moment I saw them years and years ago. It's such a charming thing to stumble on at random in the middle of the city.

As promised, this post is dedicated to Loren - who is quite distraught that my blog is teasing him with Portand photos and making him homesick. Perhaps my shout out will take the edge off.

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